Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How simple is that?

Best idea for a wedding invitation I've seen yet? DIY postcard invites. I'm thinkin' that once I have the design I want sketched out--and naturally I'm thinking happy wolves and ultra-cute skulls--I'm soooo going with something like this.

I can see it now. We cordially invite you to "The Super-Fun Adventures of Wolf and Skull!"

Really, that's just what I'm looking for. I want the invitations to be fun. I want them to be us. And I want them to be inexpensive. I mean, maybe some folks are sentimental enough to keep wedding invitations forever, but I suspect most of our invites will end up in the garbage after the wedding. This is not something we need to spend a ton of money on

Now, I'm probably not going to personally water-color every invite. I'm more of a GIMP guy. But I don't think it will cost much to have some personally designed postcards printed. I'm thinking of VistaPrint, which I've seen recommended for inexpensive printing. I will be checking their price against Kinkos, of course.

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