Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sword, sword, swordity sword...

If we're getting swords, and we're meaning them to be handed down to future generations of Blackthorns, we're hardly going to buy cheap swords that wouldn't cut paper and would bend if you looked at them wrong.

So, of course I'm looking at some master smith-work. (And imagining that I have the kind of money to buy it).

Take a look at the Du Sith by Jake Powning. That's real craftsmanship. That's worthy of being a Blackthorn heirloom. That's also $6,000. Mind you, I'm not saying Jake Powning ain't worth it. I'm just saying...well, right now it's out of my price range.

It's cheaper than a fully polished and fully mounted masterwork katana though. Check out these beauties, forged by Howard Clark (polished and mounted by other folks--generally Ted Tenold except where it says otherwise). The least expensive is $8,500.

I would be perfectly happy to exchange Nerf swords at the wedding and buy the heirloom swords later. Kind of like those folks who buy the ring they can afford now with the idea of upgrading when they can afford to do so. Only swords are much more awesomer than rings (and we both agree on this). To quote Fighter McWarrior from 8-Bit Theater, "I like swords."

Wait, is my nerdliness showing? Thought so.

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