Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Ring?

My first thought on finally trying to get the wedding off the ground was that I still have yet to buy Tiffany an engagement ring.

Neither one of us wants gold. At least, definitely not yellow gold. Not our color really. White gold would be ok with her, as long as it's pretty. Me, eh, whatever. Mostly we wear silver, and I'm not sure I'd be comfortable in anything else.

I don't give a hang about diamonds. She'd be fine with diamonds as long as they are sparkly.

While looking through the web at sapphire rings (and I had chosen dark sapphire because of the color corresponds with sloes), she tells me that she wants an amethyst. (What was I th
inking? Of course the Hel-Girl wants purple!) So, I've been scanning the web for amethyst and silver rings.

I found some really interesting stuff on Novica, a site that
sells artist and artisan work from around the world. However, she was blah about all of them except this one:And that one is alright, I reckon. However, it finally occured to me to check Etsy. And, of course, they have all kinds of funky rings.

Among our favorites are some big ole sparkly amethysts,
a shiny skull with hearts, and a couple of Nifelheim-appropriate icy blue stones, but what took the cake was the Violet Coffin Ring:While I realize it might be possible to find a better ring for Tiff, I highly doubt it.

Of course, now that I say that, she's going on about how pretty the ice blue rings are...

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